How can you improve your performance than others at your job?

Are you feeling stressed, lonely, depressed? Are you going down and down in your organization? Then you are in the right place. I am going to give you some short tipsĀ from my own experiences, which will change you in a right direction. Please keep patience and read it till the end. Believe me, you will find your way.

Let’s get started!

Did you ever question yourself, why am I not that guy?, why am I not able to produce that much of result that ‘Mr. X’ produce? Why am I not so adorable to the boss than ‘Mr. X’?
If you honestly ask these questions to yourself you’ll definitely get the answers.
Remember, who gives more he gets more. More means, not oiling but more trust, more faith, more honesty, more reliability, more activity, and most importantly more Success.
From the High School, we all know a simple quote, “Love math and it will start loving You”. So, love the work you do, it’ll love back to you. It’s simple!
Just try it once for a month, keep yourself stuck in your office for one or two more hours, work more than others, response more than others, keep patience more than others, and take responsibilities more than others. Remember my friend, “You have to be ‘ODD’ to be Number One”
You don’t need oiling to your boss. Bosses and Management teams are enough sensible and intelligent, so don’t think about them but your ‘ODD (More)’ effort than previous.
If you are 90’s kid you all remember we used to watch an advertisement and its slogan was, “Eat, sleep, dream cricket/soccer”, something like this. So, not only just love
your job but eat it, sleep it, dream of it, (Believe my friend) then your Boss goes behind your back. Just try it once. You don’t need to do it for the lifetime but for few
months, you’ll get the result. And most importantly, you’ll change yourself. You’ll find a different man in the mirror.
Sometimes you think, you are not that much of lucky than ‘Mr. X’. But my friend, you are a lucky one that you are already getting a chance to compete with ‘Mr. X’ that means you have already got a chance on the same platform.
Be prepared, practice hard, and keep patience.
Millions of people in this world are jobless. So, think about it and don’t hate your job rather loving it. It gives you fame, stability, family, money, and most importantly peace of mind if you love it.
Whatever age you have, you still have a chance to improve and impress. Please don’t try to impress others but yourself. If you impress yourself, others will be impressed automatically. So, just be with yourself.
Keep always smile on your face and work hard than others, it’ll make you ODD than others.
Sometimes our energy fails and we can’t work hard, in that case, please before start your ODD session, take rest, eat healthy foods and try to exercise. After 2 weeks of this exercise session, start your ODD journey in your job and start to get the result.
Please share your thoughts, and if you come into the action and get some result, share with me and others.
To make it short, next time I’ll create some video also.
Thank you for visiting our blog!